Candid_Photography_Anchorage_FourHey there!

My name is Karen Lewis.  Like you, I have children that are growing up before my eyes.  All those little moments are zooming by and I wish that I could just hit pause!

Once upon a time my now middle daughter was sitting on my lap, she really wanted what we call around here “mama lovins”.  We sat there snuggling close and she kept putting her forehead against mine and then pulling away.  For the most part she was going back and forth at a steady pace but every once in awhile she would keep her face close and place her little hands on my cheeks…and then she would giggle and say mama!  I loved every moment of it! And I wish someone was there to take a picture! Not just a snapshot but a beautiful, artistic portrait.  Something that I would hang on my wall and revisit anytime I want!

Capture those “Treasures of time”!

I am sure you know exactly the little “treasures of time” I am talking about: the way your little one smiles, or giggles, or makes certain expressions just so.  Those are the moments I want to capture for you!  Click here to find out more about that!  If you want to know more about me keep reading.

Facts about me (Some more interesting than others.)

  • I am a lifelong Alaskan and grew up in Cooper Landing.
  • I enjoy reading books although it seems with a house full of children that almost never happens nowadays.
  • I love playing basketball and softball (in fact that is how I met my husband- we ended up on the same coed team.  He eyed me first while at a team practice- apparently he thought I stood too close to the plate while waiting to bat- that was until I started hitting line drives over his head- it was love at first sight! Five kids later, he now thinks I am crazy!
  • I like crossword puzzles, especially the one in the newspaper- there is something about holding the paper and having the ink on your hands. (Reminds me of my grandpa too- he used to do them faithfully.)
  • I enjoy tv shows like Downton Abbey, Foyle’s War, basically all historical pieces put out by the BBC.
  • I enjoy virtual window shopping- ie. I put things into the virtual shopping cart but then I never actually buy it!
  • I also cook (most of the time), clean (ha), do laundry (only when absolutely necessary) and generally keep my children alive and my husband reasonably content!
  • In my former pre-kid life I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising and an Associate of Applied Science in Digital Art Photography from the University of Alaska Anchorage.